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Open Glossaries for Buddhist Studies

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2011/07/07

Recently we added 3 new Buddhist studies glossaries to our glossary project.

1. Seishi Karashima: “A Glossary of Kumārajīva’s translation of the Lotus Sutra.” Tokyo: Soka University, 2001.(2,409 entries)

2. Jeffrey Hopkins: “Jeffrey Hopkins’ Tibetan-Sanskrit-English Dictionary” (18,441 entries).

3. Dan Martin: “Tibskrit Philology” (Bibliographic information on Buddhist authors c. 10,000 entries).

We thank the authors for their permission to distribute the data in this way. All glossaries are encoded in TEI/XML. From this master file we produce the HTML, PDF and StarDict versions. The latter works with dictionary platforms such as StarDict,GoldenDict, or mobile applications such as ColorDict.

The transformations of Karashima sensei’s most recent glossary on the Dao Xing Banruo [\Bore] Jing (T.224) (Tokyo 2010) are in work and should be ready for distribution in about 2 months.


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New Transhelp Release Available for Windows, Linux and MacOS

Posted by jenjou.hung on 2009/06/30

During this week, simon and I have finished writing the installation document of new version of TransHelp(ver. 0.2).  Then we decide to release this new version to the world. The major change of this new version is to adopt sqlite database instead of mysql database as the data storeage medium, which significantly reduces the installation difficulty. Now the installation procedure would be easy and straightforward. Besides, the new Transhelp is now avaiable for three major operation systems in the world: windows, linux and mac. We hope more users will like to use this small tool.

For downloading the newest transhelp, please visit our download page at  DDBC Resources for Buddhist Studies at sourceforge.

At the wiki page of DDBC resource project , you will find the deatail installation doument of  Transhelp.

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Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2009/06/13

TransHelp is a program that helps to ensure consistency in a translation. In order to check if a translation agrees with a predefined glossary, TransHelp relies on (stemmatised) word counts. It will for example give an alert if the Chinese passage contains 5  “如來” but the English only 4 “Tathāgata”. There are, of course, many possible reasons for such differences, but TransHelp will make editors notice irregularities which otherwise might go unnoticed.

To use TransHelp, in addition to the software itself, you need three files: the original text, the translation and a glossary ( in CSV format).

TransHelp is available at:

So far you still need Python installed, know how to start a local server and interact with it through your browser.

Once TransHelp is installed, open it in your browser (best results in Firefox), choose a glossary to work with, and them compare translation with original paragraph by paragraph. The first time you use TransHelp you will have to import your glossary (easy).

Joey is working on a excecutable version for Win. It should come out within a month or so.

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