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Song gaoseng zhuan project interface online

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2011/08/11

The project A Critical Digital Edition of the Song gaoseng zhuan 宋高僧傳 funded by the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange 蔣經國國際學術交流基金會 (RG001-D-09) has a new interface available:

The project aims to create a best edition of the text with annotations and an interface that allows for geo-spatial and social-network visualizations. The interface is still under development and the social-network part is not yet realized.


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Person authority data for download

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2011/04/04

The DDBC Person Authority Database includes almost 19,000 entries now and we have decided the time has come to share the raw data in one single file. The Person Authority Database, which we use in various projects that involve biographical information, is by now the largest biographical dataset for Buddhist studies. Special attention has been given to ascertain the life dates of a person, though much remains to be done. The database includes information on alternative names, gender, place of origin, gravesite, occurrences in primary sources, and a short description with references to secondary print or online resources.
Users of the raw data should be aware of the fact that the database is constantly edited, improved and expanded. The downloadable archive will be updated with every additional 1000 entries or so. The database is made available in XML under a CC 3.0 (Attribution Share Alike) license. Download page:

The data is also available, as before, through the web-interface ( and the API (

If anybody has biographical data on Buddhists of any time or place, I will be happy to consider including it in this database to make it more widely available.

For the techies out there: You are welcome to fork the data, but we recommend and invite you to merge your data in via our GIT repository (


Growth of the person authority db

Steady growth of the person authority database

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DDBC Library searchable via Catalogus Bibliothecarum

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2011/01/15

Richard Mahoney’s work on combining existing resources in Buddhist and Indian Studies is well known. He is pioneering a development that in the next decades will gain  in importance as the data deluge grows: the aggregation and re-mixing of available digital data. That this is not a derivative, secondary activity, but a creative endeavor well worth the involvement of scholars will become clearer as all information moves into the digital, and digital-born users explore new ways to interact with it.Richard’s Catalogus ( allows users to search catalogs of libraries with significant holdings in Buddhist studies. Recently he has added the DDBC library catalog to the set of Asian libraries that can be accessed through the Catalogus. To my knowledge, outside of Japan, the DDBC library is the largest Buddhist Studies library in Asia (70,000+ vol., lots of special collections). Concerning the catalog one should know that by default it also returns hits from a bibliographical reference database (100,000+ entries), we built with NTU some years ago. This confuses first-time users sometimes, but has proved helpful for research which is what this library is about.

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republican era buddhist journals 2

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2009/10/06

The bibliographical database of  articles from Buddhist journals from the Republican era has been moved to its stable location at:

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republican era buddhist journals

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2009/08/12

search interfaceWe have opened the large bibliographic database of Buddhist republican era journals for outside testing. Please try it out and give us your feedback.

Currently the search-interface is hosted at

As usual this will be moved to a more stable environment on the buddhistinformatics domain later.

Currently you can search the title, author, and journal name fields for over 140,000 articles. This makes it by far the largest database in this era and opens up new vistas on research of those times.

At the suggestion of Douglas Gildow, who is visiting these days, I tried the term 肉身 and the query returned 20 articles, the titles of which alone mentioned several mummies we were not aware of, though we had worked and published on that subject quite extensively. I am convinced that this database will help to research Chinese Buddhism in the time between 1900 and 1950 in a substantial way.

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