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Person authority data for download

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2011/04/04

The DDBC Person Authority Database includes almost 19,000 entries now and we have decided the time has come to share the raw data in one single file. The Person Authority Database, which we use in various projects that involve biographical information, is by now the largest biographical dataset for Buddhist studies. Special attention has been given to ascertain the life dates of a person, though much remains to be done. The database includes information on alternative names, gender, place of origin, gravesite, occurrences in primary sources, and a short description with references to secondary print or online resources.
Users of the raw data should be aware of the fact that the database is constantly edited, improved and expanded. The downloadable archive will be updated with every additional 1000 entries or so. The database is made available in XML under a CC 3.0 (Attribution Share Alike) license. Download page:

The data is also available, as before, through the web-interface ( and the API (

If anybody has biographical data on Buddhists of any time or place, I will be happy to consider including it in this database to make it more widely available.

For the techies out there: You are welcome to fork the data, but we recommend and invite you to merge your data in via our GIT repository (


Growth of the person authority db

Steady growth of the person authority database


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