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Biqiuni zhuan dataset available

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2011/01/28

We have recently completed an advanced digital version of Baochang’s 寶唱  collection of Biographies of Eminent Nuns (Biqiuni zhuan 比丘尼傳, dated 516, T. 2063). The collection contains biographies of 65 nuns and shorter biographical notes on another 51. Together with the four collections of eminent monks the DDBC Buddhist Biographies project now visualizes information on more than 2250 monks and nuns.

The markup identifies all person and place names as well as dates and connects them to authority databases. The modern punctuation in this digital edition follows (with slight changes) the 2006 edition “Biqiuni zhuan jiaozhu 比丘尼傳校註” Beijing: Zhonghua 中華. Wang Rutong.

You can browse the biographies in a GIS interface next to a map at:

(To browse the Biqiuni zhuan please click on the open-book icon top-right in the left panel.)

There is also a Social Network view of the data at:

As usual the XML source of the dataset is made available at:


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