Digital Resources for Buddhist Studies

Integrated Search of DDBC Digital Archives

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2011/01/15

To make things easier Joey has developed a integrated search interface ( that now can search over 11 different projects hosted at DDBC. So far iSearch searches eleven projects/archives:
1.   Authority Database   2.   CBETA   3.   台灣佛寺時空平台   4.   CBETA concordence   5.   經錄資料庫   6.   佛寺志   7.   瑜伽師地論   8.   東初老人全集   9.   台灣佛教期刊  10.   佛典詞書數位典藏系統(杜老師進行中專案)  11.   別譯雜阿含經版本比對


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