Digital Resources for Buddhist Studies

DDBC Library searchable via Catalogus Bibliothecarum

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2011/01/15

Richard Mahoney’s work on combining existing resources in Buddhist and Indian Studies is well known. He is pioneering a development that in the next decades will gain  in importance as the data deluge grows: the aggregation and re-mixing of available digital data. That this is not a derivative, secondary activity, but a creative endeavor well worth the involvement of scholars will become clearer as all information moves into the digital, and digital-born users explore new ways to interact with it.Richard’s Catalogus ( allows users to search catalogs of libraries with significant holdings in Buddhist studies. Recently he has added the DDBC library catalog to the set of Asian libraries that can be accessed through the Catalogus. To my knowledge, outside of Japan, the DDBC library is the largest Buddhist Studies library in Asia (70,000+ vol., lots of special collections). Concerning the catalog one should know that by default it also returns hits from a bibliographical reference database (100,000+ entries), we built with NTU some years ago. This confuses first-time users sometimes, but has proved helpful for research which is what this library is about.


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