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Social network visualization of the Gaoseng zhuan corpus

Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2010/05/12

Part of our mission at the Digital Archive section is to show how different views can be derived from the same dataset, in our case marked-up texts. Over the last three years we have been marking up the biographies of eminent monks and presenting them in conjunction with maps in a GIS-like fashion.

The next step is to use certain aspects of our dataset (the so-called nexus points) to show another view of the information contained in the texts, this time as social networks.

Here is the test site (three weeks old):

I was utterly amazed how beautiful the images are and have discovered a few things about Chinese Buddhist history that I would have never noticed if I had only read the texts.

Here is a galaxy view of the Tang Gaoseng zhuan:

tang gsz social network

tang gsz social network

Here are the networks of  Kumarajiva, Huiyuan and Daoan:

kumarajiva, huiyuan, daoan social network

kumarajiva, huiyuan, daoan social network


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