Digital Resources for Buddhist Studies

The Hopkins Tibetan Treasures Research Archive

Posted by billmagee on 2009/11/23

The Hopkins Tibetan Treasures Research Archive is a digital resource freely available for scholars seeking oral commentary to compliment their textual research into Tibetan Buddhism and related cultural artifacts. A new edition of the Hopkins Tibetan Treasures Research Archive is available on-line at It is hosted by Dharma Drum Buddhist College and supported by a generous grant from the Taiwan National Science Council.

The archive site now provides a metadata search engine with hyper-links to search results. The archive’s extensive audio content can be searched with 850 keywords. Currently the archive consists of 73 separate series covering 55 different texts taught by sixteen lamas. The archive covers a wide-range of topics, including epistemology, hermeneutics, logic, phenomenology, Perfection of Wisdom sutras, tenets both Hindu and Buddhist, meditation techniques, Buddhist Tantra (including Kalacakra and Nying-ma Great Completion), Tibetan history, Tibetan medicine, hagiographical materials, and so forth. Several digital language-learning materials for beginning and intermediate students of Tibetan are also available.

The archive is primarily in Tibetan but English-language translation is occasionally provided. Offered under a Creative Commons Public Domain license, the archive may be used as the basis for books and articles or data-mined for the raw material of digital language-learning programs.


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