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Posted by marcus.bingenheimer on 2009/06/13

TransHelp is a program that helps to ensure consistency in a translation. In order to check if a translation agrees with a predefined glossary, TransHelp relies on (stemmatised) word counts. It will for example give an alert if the Chinese passage contains 5  “如來” but the English only 4 “Tathāgata”. There are, of course, many possible reasons for such differences, but TransHelp will make editors notice irregularities which otherwise might go unnoticed.

To use TransHelp, in addition to the software itself, you need three files: the original text, the translation and a glossary ( in CSV format).

TransHelp is available at:

So far you still need Python installed, know how to start a local server and interact with it through your browser.

Once TransHelp is installed, open it in your browser (best results in Firefox), choose a glossary to work with, and them compare translation with original paragraph by paragraph. The first time you use TransHelp you will have to import your glossary (easy).

Joey is working on a excecutable version for Win. It should come out within a month or so.


2 Responses to “TransHelp”

  1. Huifeng said

    Great to hear that an “executable version for Win” will be out soon. I went to Source Forge to try to set it up, but met with “pythons” and other things that tried my computing skills beyond their limit! I am certainly going to use this for some consistency with my (nearly completed) draft of Kumarajiva’s Xiaopin Prajnaparamita.
    Many thanks!

  2. jenjou.hung said

    Actually I have finished writting the new verion of transhelp during this week. Now the installation procedure becomes easier and stabler than before. Besides, the new transhelp will be not only avaiable on windows, the linux and mac version will be released at the same time.

    Now I am still working on writing the installation guideline of the new transhelp. I hope this job can be done within next week. Once the document is ready, I will release/annouce them in this website and sourceforge.

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