Digital Resources for Buddhist Studies


Posted by admin on 2009/06/09

During the “Sutra Translation Council” meeting in June 2009 at the Xilai temple 西來寺  in Los Angeles, a number of participants expressed interest in a platform for exchanging information about digital resources for Buddhist studies.

On this blog Bill Magee, Christian Wittern, Marcus Bingenheimer, Joey Hong and Simon Wiles will post new developments at the Library and Information at Dharma Drum Buddhist College and elsewhere. Some of the more substantial posts will be  sent out in an email bulletin.  If you would like to receive that bulletin please write to mDOTbingenheimerATgmailDOTcom.

If you feel you would like to partake of all our musings please subscribe to the RSS feed of this blog.

We appreciate feedback. Please feel free to add comments.

We also invite those of you who are involved in the production of digital resources to join this blog as editors. Please write to mDOTbingenheimerATgmailDOTcom.


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    Feel welcome to comment. Comments may be edited.

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